Bachflower Mix 50 Hyperactivity

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Mix 50 Hyperactivity: Hyperactivity in young children is often associated with impulsive... more
Product information "Bachflower Mix 50 Hyperactivity"

Mix 50 Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity in young children is often associated with impulsive behaviour and lack of concentration. This mix helps to improve concentration and reduce pressure and impulsive behaviour.

This mix consists of 8 different bach blossoms.

Together, they form an effective combination that stimulates the following characteristics:

  • Less hyperactive behavior
  • Less unrest, less stress
  • Less impulsive behaviour
  • Self-discipline
  • More positive self-image
  • Better concentration
  • Improved school performance

Mix Bach blossom mix Hyperactivity

When and by whom to use:

  • For all days very busy children
  • For hyperactive, overbearing children
  • For children who are quickly distracted
  • For impulsive children who do what comes to mind without thinking
  • For children who live like a whirlwind and are irritated by the inertia of things
  • For children who do not seem to have their own behavior under control

This Mix

Provides children with inner peace and tranquility, making life more pleasant for them and their environment.

Our Mixes

Are made with Bio Bach blossoms.

Based on spring water with 15 droplets of Brandy.

Have a capacity of 50ml of organic Bach blossoms, Spring water and 15 droplets of Brandy. The latter is necessary to stabilise the energy of the Blossoms. For persons who are not allowed to drink alcohol at all, we recommend the Mixes on the basis of Bio Agave syrup (content 50 ml) or the Mixes on the basis of Granules (content 20 m - 800 granules).

The Mixes based on spring water/brandy have an aqueous taste. The Mixes based on Bio Agaves syrup and the Mixes based on Granulae are sweet: -).

Provided that you use it consistently and correctly (6 x a small amount daily), you get about 1 month with it (also with the granules) and the effect is surprisingly positive.

May be used by Everyone

Its not addictive and there is no interaction with medicines.

Turn negative emotions into their positive opposite pole.

Always have a surprisingly good result.


If there are suspicions of ADHD, a doctor should always be consulted. Under no circumstances should blossoms be used to replace medication for the treatment of ADHD.

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